How To Grow A Weed Plant In Winter

Are you wondering whether you can grow in the weather? How To Grow A Weed Plant In Winter anyway? Well, you would be surprised to know that you can.

It is not the most optimal way to grow weed but it is certainly possible to grow a cannabis winter harvest.

Our article at Weed Insider will teach you all the ins and outs of growing a successful cannabis harvest during the wintertime.

How to grow weed outdoors in winter? The answer is by bringing your weed plants indoors!

When you grow them indoors during winter, you can control a bunch of factors such as light cycle, temperature, and humidity. All of which are important to growing a successful cannabis plant in its most ideal environment.

However, while this is the most logical answer, it is probably not one you are looking for. You most likely came to read this article because you wanted to learn how to grow weed outdoors during the wintertime.

Not to worry! We are here to deliver the great news on how to do so.

The answer is yes, you can still grow weed in the wintertime if the weather is mild.

Start With The Right Genetics

Give yourself a good head start by only growing the best strain types to maximize your chances of success.

Tip: Use autoflower genetics in cannabis flowers. This will allow the cannabis to flower naturally based on how much light it receives. It is just so much better suited for a colder environment.

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Grow Indica

grow indica strain

Naturally, Indica flower strains are used to be grown in a colder climate. This is not the case with Sativa plants.

So, if you are growing outdoors in wintertime, grow Indica ones.

Grow Indoors First

You can start growing the cannabis seedlings indoors first before moving them outdoors. This is because these seeds are just so fragile and will not be able to grow if conditions are too harsh.

After two to three weeks after the seeds sprout, it will be about the time you can introduce the plant outdoors.

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Keep Temperature in Mind

If it gets too cold, the soil will ruin your cannabis plants. It will affect the roots and end up killing the cannabis plants you worked so hard to grow.

When there’s frost, try to bring your plants indoors if possible!

Grow in Smaller Pots

This is a good tip so you can easily move your cannabis plants in case you need to move them indoors.

Growing them in a smaller pot also allows greater control and flexibility on how to grow the marijuana plant properly.

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Consider a GreenHouse

If you have a harsh winter, you can invest in a greenhouse. This gives you more control over temperature and humidity. It also protects your plants from strong wind and frost which can easily kill your harvest off in just a single night.

Support Using Fertilizer

To give your plants the best chances of success, use some fertilizer! This will help boost its “inner system” to give them everything they need to start out from seed to harvest.

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Final Thoughts on How To Grow A Weed Plant In Winter

In the end, growing your own cannabis plants can be really rewarding. It is just not a comparison when you can know exactly what goes into your plants.

The fruits of your labour will be rewarded when you can enjoy a smoke and know that you made all the effort to make it possible.

However, you can always make it easy on yourself by growing them during warmer months. 

If you still insist on growing weed during the wintertime, you now have the tools and resources from this article to do just that!

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