How to Roll a Joint

How to roll a joint? When I first started smoking cannabis, this was one of the first questions I would ask myself.

Although is it relatively simple to learn, rolling a joint the right way takes some skill to master.

It is something that definitely takes trial and error to get right.

Smoking joints is a popular means of consuming cannabis. Learning to roll the old-school technique is a cultural initiation for many.

A newbie can roll their own joint with a few basic steps. Learn how to roll a joint?


What is a Joint?

A joint is something you smoke.

A hand-rolled joint is a weed cigarette made by a single person.

Prerolls or joints rolled in-store are available from some dispensaries, saving customers the time and effort of rolling their own.

A spliff is a cannabis joint that contains both marijuana and tobacco, while a blunt is a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana.

In addition to wrapping cannabis in cigar papers, blunts can be manufactured by rolling cannabis in heavy, dark tobacco papers.

What you’ll need to roll your own cigarettes?

The following materials are required to roll a cannabis joint:

  • Cannabis, with a typical joint containing around a third of a gram of the drug.
  • Grinder.
  • Tray on wheels.
  • Papers to be rolled.
  • A crutch or a filter, or the materials for one.
  • An object with a similar form factor as a chopstick or a pen.

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How to Roll a Joint?

1.   Chopping or grinding the cannabis

Separate the flower and grind it up into a fine powder using a grinder. Using a grinder ensures that the smoke is consistently smooth and even in terms of size and texture.

If you don’t have a grinder, use your fingers to break the bud into small pieces instead.

To avoid damaging the cannabis trichomes, work gently when removing any stems or seeds and reducing the size of the pieces to a more standard size.

2.   Create a crutch for yourself.

The mouthpiece for a joint can be purchased pre-made at many smoke shops. While crutches aren’t required, they assist support the mouthpiece and make it easier to hold a joint in one’s hands.

When using a joint on crutches, you’ll get more airflow and be less likely to burn your lips or inhale microscopic pieces of marijuana when you’re taking your hit.

If you want to create a crutch, take a thick piece of paper or cardstock and cut a half-inch wide rectangle out of it.

When you’re done folding it, roll it up like an accordion and tie a knot at one end to keep it closed.

Making crutches from business cards is rather simple. Tobacco shops, head shops, and certain dispensaries such as Online Dispensary Canada, sell glass and wooden crutches as great alternatives to paper crutches.

Filters and tips are other names for crutches. Roaches are the common name for the last burned piece of a smoked joint.

3.   Put some fuel in the tank.

The sticky side of the rolling paper should be away from you as you place it on the tray. Sprinkle marijuana in a column along with the crutch, then place the crutch where you’d like the mouthpiece to be.

Make sure the flower is uniformly spread throughout the joint, and don’t overfill it.

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4.   Now roll the joint

It’s about that time to get things going. Pick up the cannabis-filled paper making sure the side with the glue is away from you.

Make a taco out of the paper by pinching it between your thumbs and index fingers. Then, sift the paperback and forth to evenly distribute the buds and compact it a bit.

If a flower slips out, don’t worry; you can re-insert it later. Form the cannabis into a cylinder by working it into a tight but not too tight form that will burn unevenly or block airflow.

The non-adhesive side of the rolling paper should be placed over the bud and rolled carefully towards the sticky side while tucking in the bud.

The outside is supported by your index fingers as you roll with your thumbs.

Start at the end of the mouthpiece and slowly seal the joint by licking or wetting the sticky adhesive.

Choose an instrument that is long and cylindrical to fit the cannabis comfortably towards the mouthpiece once it has been sealed.

Any cannabis that was lost during the rolling process can be re-added here.

5.   Finalize the agreement

To seal the joint, twist the extra paper at the tip of the joint until it snaps shut.

Finally, it’s time to light the joint and take a long, deep drag through the mouthpiece.

Final Thoughts on How To Roll a Joint

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to roll a joint.

At the very least, we hope that you gained some knowledge about this topic which you can share with friends and family.

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