Types of Hash: Know All About Them

There are many types of hash that money can buy. Do you know all of the different hash types?

Hash is a type of cannabis concentrate that you can smoke. It contains one of the highest THC amounts out of all the different cannabis forms that an online dispensary can have.

Come learn all about the hash types that may encounter in the cannabis market. This informational guide from Weed Insider will teach you all about it.

Let’s begin.

The Different Hash Types

1 – Dry Sift Hash – Black Afghan, Red Lebanese, Pakistani, Turkish Brick, and Moroccan Pollen

The first type of hash is dry sift hash. It is created through gentle sieving of the cannabis buds. 

This process will separate the trichomes into the fine powder called kief. Next, you can press them into blocks of hash.

There are also different types of hash names that will tell you how it is made.

Firstly, there is the Afghan Hash which is made by mixing a small amount of tea with kief to make a dough consistency. This is kneaded over low heat until the black colour appears. Once it is a smooth consistency like toffee, you are done!

Lastly, the Pakistani hash is also similar in how it is made. It can also be made by curing the hash in dried sheepskin. This is done to make the flavours delicious.

A popular favourite among Canadians is the Polar Bear hash.


What is rosin made of? Rosin is made by combining cannabis flower, hash, and kief. It is all mixed together into melting hash oil. 

Rosin will look similar to shatter and can be used as rosin dabs.

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Ice Water or Bubble Hash

bubble hash

Ice Water, also known as Bubble Hash, is completely different from dry sift hash.

To separate the trichomes for this hash type, you want to mix frozen cannabis with water and ice.

This process will agitate the mixture and separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant. 

Now, you can run the hash product in water under a mesh sieve. You will be greeted with crumbly hash that looks a little similar to crystallized honey.

With bubble hash, it has a flavorful taste. Since the extraction process was done in a colder environment, the terpenes (which are so fragile) have been preserved. This will not be the case if any heat was present. 

Shatter, Wax, Crumble, and Budder

This is the Butane, Propane, And CO2 Revolution. 

With solvents now thrown in the mix, more different kinds of hash can be made. These solvents are what will extract the cannabinoids away from the cannabis flower. 

You will know these products from their names such as shatter, budder, and wax.

It has become really popular in Canada and many people really enjoy its high potency dosage.

If you are planning to make hash using these solvents, you need to do so carefully. The extraction process will expose you to harmful chemicals that will be damaging to your health. 

High risk, high rewards. The end result will give you a very good hash product. Some hash products made in this manner even have over 50% THC. This is relatively unheard of!

Final Thoughts on Types of Hash

There are many types of hash in the Canadian market. When deciding which hash to use, read up everything about it before choosing one.

They all have their own pros and cons. However, just know that any hash you choose is high in THC. It will knock your socks off!

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