What Does CBD Feel Like? A Complete Guide for Beginners

For people who have never tried CBD before, there must be plenty of questions that they want to ask. In Canada, questions related to the effects of CBD on the body and mind are very popular and considering how popular CBD products are, we’re going to see those questions asked a lot. So what does CBD feel like for the user?

CBD is known to support the body and mind in many ways. But the fact is that people react and feel about CBD in different ways. Some people may need more doses to feel the effects they need, while others may need fewer doses to get the benefits. There is also a matter of what kind of CBD product you use, which may give you a unique experience compared to other products. Nevertheless, here are some common CBD ‘feels’ that people get.


According to a study, CBD could act as a wake-promoting agent that will make the user more alert and focused. From the study, we know that injecting CBD into the hypothalamus may activate neurons that will make the user more awake. Using CBD may also increase dopamine production, which promotes learning, attention, and mood enhancement. CBD oil, for example, is useful for people who want to be more awake when they’re feeling sluggish, cloudy, or groggy.

So now we know that by using CBD, Canadians can expect their brains to be more alert and focused. Whether it’s in the morning or the evening, the focus is important, and I am sure many Canadians are already using CBD for this purpose. Some people also use CBD as a replacement for coffee and energy drink in the morning.

The mood-enhancing properties of CBD shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Happiness could help decrease depression and anxiety and make you perform better at any activities. So you can use CBD when you’re working, hiking, painting, watching movies, playing video games, and so on.

Energy boost

I have talked about how CBD may increase the production of dopamine above. This effect of CBD may make you feel ‘lighter’, meaning that you have more energy to move around and do stuff. The antioxidative properties of CBD could improve your immune system and make you feel more energized.

When your body reaches internal balance or homeostasis as the result of using CBD, you will start to feel better as stress, cloudiness, depression, and anxiety subside. It may sound weird to you, but this is also the result of the “chill out” effect of CBD. When your body and mind are more relaxed thanks to CBD, everything will start working better than before – giving you an energy boost.


Another popular ‘feel’ that many Canadians love is the calming effect of CBD. It’s not a secret knowledge that consuming CBD could help you feel more relaxed and chill. This is very useful during your breaks, movie nights, or when you’re planning to sleep. People who are feeling anxious could use CBD to help calm them down and ease the symptoms such as restlessness, increased heart rate, and racing thoughts.

For many Canadians, this effect of CBD makes it a great replacement for prescription drugs that could make them feel dizzy and irritable. CBD works much gentler than those drugs – bringing you down from anxiety spikes gently without numbing your mind.

Even better when you know that CBD products usually contain less than 0.3% THC. So the calming effect is soothing and you won’t feel high at all. This is great for people who are having trouble sleeping and are looking for a sedative that is gentle and easy on the mind and body. This is one of the main reasons Canadians are buying CBD oil according to cbdoilguide.ca.


Some people in Canada are using CBD to ease the symptoms of their ailments, such as anxiety, insomnia, pain, and more. These ailments can surely make them feel uncomfortable and irritable. Obviously, by easing the symptoms of these ailments, they can finally feel much more comfortable than before.

This is why many people describe CBD as comfortable. Because with the help of CBD, they can finally forget about the uncomfortable and even painful feelings. If you’re suffering from one or more ailments and are interested in using CBD for your trouble, consider consulting this with your physician first.


There you have it, some popular ‘feels’ that CBD may give to the user. I know that it may still be confusing to some people. So if you want to know exactly what CBD feels like, you’ll have to try it yourself. There are so many kinds of CBD products available in Canada, so now may be the best time to start.

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