Dispensary Prices VS Street Prices: What’s The Difference?

What are the main differences between dispensary prices vs street prices? When Canada legalized the use of cannabis in 2018, the country changed forever.

Canadians can now easily buy marijuana from dispensaries online or physical stores around their area. 

Over time, cannabis strains became cheaper and cheaper to buy. Part of the reason is due to competition bringing the price down.

However, cheap weed does not always mean good weed.

Let’s discuss the main difference between dispensary cannabis prices VS the prices of street cannabis.

In this way, you will always be knowledgeable on the pricing of weed and never be ripped off ever again in your life!

Cannabis Dispensary Pricing

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Depending on where you live in Canada, the prices of cannabis may differ. It is like comparing housing prices in Vancouver and Quebec. Living costs are just not the same. It directly correlates with the amount of weed that can be sold for.

The second thing you have to consider is the quality of cannabis. There are strains that are AA bud quality all the way up to AAAA+.

Let’s not bore you with a long article on the pricing of cannabis.

Here is the short price breakdown:

  • The average price of cannabis strains in a dispensary used to be $120-$140/oz. Over time, it has dropped in price drastically to the $99/oz level. Nowadays, you can expect to find good quality weed for as cheap as $49/oz. These are still high-quality strains too!

As mentioned before, the location you buy weed from in a dispensary will also differ in pricing. If you buy in a dispensary in downtown Vancouver, it would be more expensive compared to buying from a dispensary in Yukon, for example.

Factors such as minimum wage and rental costs contribute to this factor.

If you are looking to buy from an online dispensary, however, this factor will no longer apply.

Online dispensaries are competing with similar competitors to sell weed all over Canada. Therefore, they all need to have the best prices and offers to draw in new customers while also keeping in existing ones. 

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Buy More, Pay Less

Many dispensaries also offer big discounts for buying in bulk. Bulk cannabis is a huge thing nowadays. You can buy 8 ounces of AAA+ bud grade cannabis for just $49 per ounce easily if you just browse online.

If you buy the same cannabis type but just one ounce only, it may cost anywhere from $79 to $99 per ounce.

Strain Potency

Cannabis strains can vary from AA to AAAA+. Naturally, AA weed will be much cheaper when compared to the highly potent AAAA+ strains.

The better the quality, the more premium you need to pay.

High-quality strains cost more due to factors such as the following:

  • Yield amount (high-quality strains usually have lower yields)
  • Colour
  • Trichomes
  • Potency 
  • Cannabinoid and terpene levels

AAA bud grade strains such as MK Ultra now have competitive pricing of $50 per ounce. For AAAA+ bud grade cannabis strains, they can cost up to $150 per ounce.

Dispensary Prices vs Street Prices

Dispensary prices for weed will always be higher than street prices. The simple reason is that dispensaries all have additional costs that cannabis sellers on the streets do not have to pay.

First of all, dispensaries need to pay for rental costs if they are retail buildings. If they are an online dispensary, they need to pay for website costs. Dispensaries also need to pay for staff wages just to name a few expenses.

Street prices of cannabis do not have to pay for any of these costs. Transactions are also done in cash so everything is just done under the table.

Also, in Canada, you need to pay a license fee to the government of Canada if you want to run a legal cannabis business storefront. All these costs mean that dispensary prices have to be higher in order for the business to turn a profit.

While street prices may be cheaper, would you trust its quality? You don’t know the level of attention that has gone to growing these cannabis strains. Overall, it is just riskier to buy marijuana from the streets.

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Anyway, we hope you learned something from this article.

Long story short, dispensary prices will always be higher than street prices. However, the pros to this are that you will know your cannabis are of good quality. 

Street cannabis can literally be from anywhere. You won’t have the guarantee that it has been grown to the highest quality.

However, if you are fine with mediocre weed, feel free to check out street cannabis!

But there is no real reason to do that nowadays. Especially since dispensary prices are so affordable!

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