How To Cure Marijuana? 4 EASY Steps To Follow

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Without further ado, here are four of the best tips on how to dry and cure weed of the advice of professionals!

Easy Steps on How To Cure Marijuana

1 – Hang The Cannabis & Let it Dry

hanging cannabis to dry

Letting the cannabis flowers dry for a week will give you a good result. It is best to do this right after harvesting.

First, you want to find a location that is not too hot and away from the sun. A temperature of around 65°F (18°C) and a humidity of 62% are ideal.

Remove all the bigger leaves so that they can be dried evenly. Simply cut them off the cannabis flower.

Then, get some hanging supplies to let the plants dry. Be sure that there is some airflow going on in the room.

This helps keep the air moving. With no airflow, the air becomes stale and mould can come to kill your cannabis crop.

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2 – Trim the Cannabis after 7 Days

trim the cannabis after 7 days

After a week of hanging the cannabis flowers to dry, it is now time to trim them!

A good way to test if the cannabis plant is dry enough for trimming is by bending the stems. If it can be broken off easily, you know it’s time for the cannabis trim.

Obviously, you do not want to dry it to the point that it is dry as the desert. Make sure it still has some elasticity in them so that the curing process will go smoothly.

Trimming cannabis plants can be a hassle, however, being patient in this process will result in nice-looking cannabis.

Any small cannabis leaves can be trimmed off without any problems. The goal here is to make the cannabis strains look like small nuggets. 

The nicer the shape, the better it looks. Just think of how great you look after getting a fresh haircut, that’s how cannabis strains should look after being freshly trimmed.

If you have the extra money, there are also machines for sale that can trim cannabis plants. This makes the process much faster and allows you more time to harvest more cannabis plants!

However, doing it by hand is also totally okay.

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3 – Time to Cure Marijuana Plant

cure cannabis plant

The time has come to cure the marijuana plant. This step is easy to do as long as you follow these two steps.

Number one: Seal the cannabis in a glass jar or metal container. There should NOT be any air that goes into these containers.

Number two: No light can touch this container. Keep it as far AWAY from sunlight as possible.

There are also containers made specifically for this process if you want to splurge. This is an important step so you do not want to mess it up.

As for the room temperature, keeping it around  65°F is best.

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4 – Don’t Touch It

leave the cannabis alone

After you have done step 3, just go do something else. Do not move or touch the containers at all.

The best thing you can do is forget about it. Set a reminder for you to come back and check on it after 3-4 weeks.

How does the cannabis taste or smell after 3-4 weeks? Not good enough, leave it be for a few more weeks.

A great comparison can be made with winemaking. The older the wine, the better the taste.

Fun fact: The oldest wine is the Speyer wine bottle. As of the year 2023, this 1.5-litre wine bottle shaped like a dolphin has been buried in a Roman nobleman’s tomb for  1693 years. Yes, you read that correctly, 1693 years old wine!

There is no better feeling than giving your cannabis time to dry completely. Rushing this process will only cheat your own self on tasting great cannabis.

Hint: Don’t try to speed-dry the cannabis by putting a heater in front of it. Bad idea.

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Drying and Curing Marijuana for Beginners

Sometimes, there is only so much we can talk about how to cure weed. It is just not the same when you WATCH someone do the entire process.

For all visual learners out there, here is a detailed video on how to cure marijuana.

weed insider youtube

Final Thoughts on How To Cure Marijuana

Congrats! You have now learned the easy steps on how to cure marijuana. While it may seem complicated to follow at first, practice makes everything perfect.

Give it a shot if you haven’t already and let us know how you do. Trust us when we say this will not be your first time doing this.

After you find out how well the results of this process will give, it’s almost a guarantee that you will keep using the same process over and over again.

There is just no need to change a process that has been proven to work. Follow this framework for best-tasting marijuana strains!

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