How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

This is how the cannabis plant germinates its life. Viable seeds are hard and dry to the touch, with a brown appearance and some stripes.

They are completely dry. Seeds that are underdeveloped, such as white or light green in hue, will not grow into healthy plants.

We prefer to start seeds indoors rather than outside to survive the winter. Temperature, wind, bugs, and mildew can all affect seeds planted out. During this period, plants are particularly vulnerable and must be safeguarded.

Indoor seed germination allows us to minimize or eliminate the detrimental impacts of temperature and pest fluctuations.

Seeds can be germinated inside using a variety of techniques. Placing your seed between two cotton balls or paper towels that have been lightly sprayed with water is an example of a method that can be used to protect your seed.

Look for mature types with a dark brown color and a robust touch when purchasing seeds.

Once you get your hands on them, give them plenty of room to grow and thrive. Weed seeds need to be germinated correctly if you want to reap the advantages of healthy plants and ample harvests for many years to come.

Do you know how to tell if a cannabis seed is viable?

As a long-term user of cannabis, you’re more than likely to find a seed in your cannabis buds. To know if the seed is viable to germinate, you need to know if you want to germinate it right now or store it for later use.

Cannabis seeds in good condition have a deeper colour with tones of grey, black, and/or brown in them.

A ‘tiger stripe’ will typically be visible across the surface of high-quality cannabis seed. Another method to test the viability of cannabis seed.

Good seed should be able to withstand some stress. If the seed crumbled when given a small amount of pressure, it was not viable.

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How to Grow Cannabis Seeds?

Although germination of cannabis seeds is not difficult, it demands attention to detail and the right conditions. Proper moisture, temperature, and light are all essential for effective germination.

How to germinate cannabis seeds in three easy stages?

To start seeds inside, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Cannabis Seeds are a type of seed found in cannabis plants.
  • A plastic container with a lid or two plates is a suitable option.
  • A roll of paper towels
  • A water sprayer filled with fresh water
  • A small cup or glass of water is recommended.

Transplanting the Seed: When Is It Time?

As with watching water boil, witnessing a cannabis seed develop takes patience and perseverance (typically a couple of weeks).

A white root emerges from the fractured cannabis seed shell once the seeds have cracked open, although it will take some time.

The plant’s white root is referred to as the taproot. It’s time to move your sprouting seed once it’s formed a strong taproot (approximately an inch in diameter).

Pinch out the center of a two-inch pot for your growing area, fill it halfway with soil (or your preferred growing medium), and put a seed into it to begin the growing process. It is best to place taproot down and tweezers to insert seed.

After it, there is a layer of earth.

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Ultimate Cannabis Seed Germination Guide

They need only three things to live: air, water, and warmth. In fact, it’s pretty simple when you follow the guidelines provided below.

Let’s take a quick look at the best germination practices before diving into the different germination methods.


There’s a fine line between over-soaking and under-soaking. Hard seeds can be soaked for up to 24 hours in most situations.

No more than 32 hours should be allowed to soak hard seeds. If submerged over an extended period, they may suffer harm.

Weed seeds respond to the dual signals of water and heat, sprouting and becoming ready for harvest.


This is the most challenging step of them all. “Warm” and “hot” must be balanced. Spring is excellent in a ‘typical’ year. Cannabis seeds germinate more slowly at lower temperatures.

It is easier for seedlings to germinate when the air is moist. Place incandescent lamps over the seed area in the event of low temperatures.


Before anything else, seeds function best when left alone. Handle them with care when you’re looking for the taproot! The white taproot should not be touched as it is brittle and may break off.

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