When To Put Light on Germinated Cannabis Seeds?

When To Put Light on Germinated Cannabis Seeds? This is a simple and easy question. As soon as the first sprout appears, turn on your grow lights. As soon as germinated cannabis seeds grow from the ground, it will begin clambering toward the sun’s warmth. So give them a lot of it at the beginning.

Lighting for germinated cannabis seeds can be tricky, but it does not have to be. In this post, I’ll break it all down, tell you everything you need to know and go into great detail about when to put germinated cannabis seeds to light.

In most houses, there is insufficient natural light for germinated cannabis seeds. Trying to sprout them on a sunny windowsill will fail and be a waste of time (and money!).

It is critical for good seedling care and will give them a head start in life if they are given adequate lighting. When seedlings do not receive enough water, they become weak and leggy, and they may not survive for very long.

When you’re a new gardener, this can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the job, but it’s a common problem that can be fixed quickly. Grow lights are the only way to keep seedlings from becoming leggy.

Don’t be concerned; I’m going to make this process as simple as possible for you.

Do Seedlings Need Grow Lights?

To raise strong, healthy, germinated cannabis seeds, proper lighting is essential from the start.

Use natural light instead of indoor seed starting lights if you have a sunny windowsill or porch.

 Buying grow lights is a good investment.

As a beginner, keep your germinated cannabis seeds in a sunny window.

Investigate what works best for you and your home. Keep the trays as close to a window as possible.

Then, once you’ve got a few flats going and are committed, I highly recommend seedling lighting.

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How Much Light Need to Cannabis Seeding?

It is just as important to know how much light seedlings require to choose the right bulbs. The best way to keep them on a regular schedule is to know precisely how many hours they need and how to keep them on it.

How many hours of light per day?

Every single day, cannabis seedlings require 14-16 hours of light. Avoid leaving them on 24 hours a day if at all possible. They, too, need a good night’s sleep.

Decide how many hours of the day you’ll leave your artificial lights on and how many hours you’ll shut them off at night.

An airflow timer will help you stick to this schedule and provide just the right light for your seedlings.

Keep an eye on them if you’re only giving them 14 hours of light a day. Give them more light if they begin to grow tall or in an unnatural direction.

Best Lighting Routine for Cannabis Seeding

  • Some favor a 12/12 lighting cycle for seedlings. In this case, the lights are on all day and off all night.
  • 12 hour periods aren’t long enough for some people. So leave them on a little longer.
  • Time doesn’t matter, but keep the same schedule every day. Also, keep them on during the day and off at night to mimic the natural sun cycle.

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How to Use Grow Lights for Germination of Cannabis Seeds?

It takes some time and practice to learn the art of growing cannabis seedlings under grow lights. So, I’ve listed some guidelines for when to use them and how far away they should be from the seedlings.

You can also buy beginner-friendly seeds online if you think that is easier!

When Do I Put Cannabis Seeds Under Light?

As soon as the first sprout appears, turn on grow lights (or place your seedlings under a light).

As soon as germinated cannabis seeds grow from the ground, they will begin clambering toward the sun’s warmth. So give them a lot of it at the beginning.

When the Lights of Seeding Ends?

When your cannabis seeds are outside, turn off the lights. So long as they’re inside, they should be light.

If you bring them inside, always put them under the lights, or they’ll get leggy.

Do Seeding’s Require Constant Light? 

No, and you shouldn’t leave germinated cannabis seeds in the dark under grow lights all day; they need to rest at night.

Your seedlings will suffer if you don’t follow a regular sunlight schedule when you transplant them outside. So put the lights on for 14-16 hours during the day, and switch off at night.

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