Best CBD Oil Products in Canada of 2023

Canada and CBD oil has changed a lot since 2018. Before October of that year, it was illegal to buy and sell anything related to cannabis.

The legalization of weed has allowed so many residents of Canada to experience CBD oil in all its good and bad. People are really appreciating the many health benefits that CBD is thought to give them.

So if you are reading this right now, you are probably looking for the best CBD oil products in Canada that money can buy.

While price is a factor when deciding where to go, you must always remember that you get what you pay for. The cheapest products may not necessarily be the best option.

Read our top CBD oil review in Canada list, brought to you by Weed Insider, in order to find the best products for yourself. These will all help symptoms such as pain and anxiety in similar ways, enjoy!

The Best CBD Oils in Canada of 2023

1 – Twisted Extracts 900mg CBD Tincture Orange Flavour by Mail Order Marijuana

Twisted Extracts 900mg CBD Tincture Orange Flavour

Price: $85 per bottle (CAD), 900mg CBD per bottle

Cannabinoid Content: 

30mg CBD per full dropper (1 mL)

The Twisted Extracts CBD Tincture by Mail Order Marijuana is made with extracts of cannabis and avocado oil.

It will certainly make for a great addition to anyone’s CBD routine. Add it to your favorite beverage, food, smoothies, the options are endless!

Buying it from Mail Order Marijuana (also known as momarjiwana) will be a sure-fire way to get high quality CBD products. 

2 – Twisted Extracts – Sativa 3:1 Tincture Orange Flavoured by OWGanjaKid

Twisted Extracts Sativa 3:1 Tincture

Price: $50 per bottle (CAD), 75 mg THC + 225 mg CBD per bottle

Cannabinoid Content: 

2.5mg THC + 7.5mg CBD per full dropper (1mL)

Don’t let this simple CBD bottle fool you. It is guaranteed to be made free of any harmful chemicals to your body.

The company has been around for many years, so the CBD products you get are top of the line. 

Buy with confidence!

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3 – Twisted Extracts – 22:1 Tincture Orange Flavoured by Online Dispensary Canada

Twisted Extracts – 22:1 Tincture Orange

Price: $55 per bottle (CAD), >14mg THC + 300mg CBD per bottle

Cannabinoid Content: 

0.5mg THC + 10mg CBD per full dropper (1mL)

Online Dispensary Canada is a leading source of weed products in the country. It has served thousands of happy customers since they opened in 2018.

The Orange Flavored CBD Tinctures are affordable at just $55 per bottle. It has the perfect blend of flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Try it for some instant relaxation and stress-free mood to add to your evening.

4 – Okanagan Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Okanagan Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Price: Starting from $44.99 bottle (30 ml per bottle)

Cannabinoid Content: 500 to 2,000 mg of CBD

Okanagan CBD provides premium quality products at a great price. They believe that everyone should have access to affordable CBD products.

They are also Health Canada certified which will make you feel more at ease when buying from them.

Everything is tested to ensure the highest quality! No THC in the products at all.

5 – Full Spectrum CBD oil (by Honest Botanicals)

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Price: Starting $40 per bottle (CAD)

Cannabinoid Content: 250 – 2500 mg of CBD per bottle

If you are looking for a high quality CBD tincture based in Vancouver BC, this would be it. 

Honest Botanicals really go the extra mile to make products that can be used for many symptoms. 

This is more of an all-in-one product. You never have to buy another one ever again!

Final Thoughts on Best CBD Oil Products in Canada

The options to buy the best CBD oil products in Canada are plenty. There are just so many CBD oil Canada reviews that it can get overwhelming pretty fast.

This is why Weed is here to provide you the best place possible to read up on honest reviews of anything related to cannabis such as CBD oil.

Feel free to share this list with your friends! We will be updating this “best cannabis list” on a frequent basis so you only get the best CBD oils on the market.

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