Subway Scientist

Black Cherry Punch strain has a very high THC potency. It is an indica-dominant strain with bold cherry, yet light skunky flavour profile.

Black Cherry Punch is the result of crossing Black Cherry Pie with Purple Punch and is notable for its dark green buds with specks of purple.

In this review on Weed Insider, we will be going over the smell, appearance, flavour, and experience of the Subway Scientist.

Let’s begin and explore why this strain is so amazing.


The Black cherry punch strain smells amazing. It has a dry smell to it since there is no moisture pack located inside the package.


This strain has some dry leaves on the buds. It is also a smaller bud compared to other strain types.

It has a bright green appearance with some purple hints on the tip of the leaves. The trichomes covering the flower also look a lot like icing on a cake.


This strain packs a lot of sweet flavours that will satisfy your sugar tooth.

It has a strong aroma and taste that you will not soon forget. Extremely tasty!


The black cherry punch strain is a wonderful experience for those who are trying it for the first time or the 10th time.

The only thing that can make this strain better is if it was less dry.

The body buzz that you will feel is very good. It also has an attractive pricing per ounce that does not break the bank.

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