Living Skies Cannabis

Who is Living Skies Cannabis? They are a dispensary in the Canadian region of Sakatoon.

This review will go over their products, quality, prices, and customer service.

You should get a better understanding of the legitimacy of this company by the end of the review. Enjoy!

Why Buy Cannabis in Canada?

You should buy cannabis in Canada because it is now totally legal to do so! Before October 2018, this was not the case. You could actually get trouble from buying weed.

Since Canada has legalized the marijuana plant, residents in the country can buy and sell weed without much problem. The only thing you need to look out for is cheap marijuana that may not be of high quality.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So just be mindful of where you put in your private information such as payment and personal name on websites that look unprofessional.

Living Skies Cannabis Product Range

Living Skies Cannabis has around 30 cannabis strains that you can buy from. That’s a decent selection you have with this dispensary.

You can buy their products based on which kind (Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica) and THC potency level.

Customer Reviews

Living Skies Cannabis has about 3 to 4 star ratings on its products. This is a standard average for dispensaries.


Living Skies Cannabis has cannabis grams starting as low as $8/gram! Typically, their prices are $200/oz which is pretty standard in the industry.

They also offer a ton of bulk pricing which brings down the cost by a lot.

Customer Service and Shipping

As for shipping, Living Skies Cannabis has no free shipping. You can only buy in-store.

As for customer service, Living Skies Cannabis has no live chat support either.

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