Haute Health

Who is Haute Health? They are a dispensary in Canada that sells cannabis to Canadians.

This review will go over their products, quality, prices, and customer service.

You should get a better understanding of the legitimacy of this company by the end of the review. Enjoy!

Haute Health Product Range

Haute Health has over 130 strains to choose from in its store. The high number of strains gives you plenty of options.

You can buy their products based on which kind (Hybrid, Sativa, or Indica) and THC potency level.

Haute Health Customer Reviews

Haute Health has a 4-star review rating across the board. This just goes to show that their product quality is up to standards.

Haute Health Pricing

Haute Health has cannabis grams starting as low as $7.5/gram! Typically, their prices are $190/oz which is pretty standard in the industry.

They also offer a ton of bulk pricing which brings down the cost by a lot.

Haute Health Customer Service and Shipping

As for shipping, Haute Health offers free shipping on ALL orders. This means you can spend $20 and still get free shipping!

As for customer service, they do have a live chat section for customers to ask questions and they will get back to you asap.

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