BudderWeeds Review

Who is Budderweeds? They are a dispensary in Canada that sells cannabis to Canadians.

This review will go over their products, quality, prices, and customer service.

You should get a better understanding of the legitimacy of this company by the end of the review. Enjoy!

BudderWeeds Product Range

Budderweeds have over 120 strains to choose from in their store. As for concentrates, they have 15 weed concentrates for sale. 

Finally, they have 80 edible products to choose from.

BudderWeeds Customer Reviews

The average reviews they get is in the 4 star range. This goes to show that their customers are generally happy with what they are buying.

Product quality is pretty good!

Budder Weeds Pricing

The big disadvantage of Budderweeds is that they do not sell online. Furthermore, you need to create an account before being able to view their pricing.

This can deter many potential customers as there are now so many other options to buy weed online.

Why would someone waste their time and gas just to go to a retail store, when they can buy online?

BudderWeeds Customer Service and Shipping

There is no shipping option for budderweeds. You would need to drive to their store to buy any products you want.

As for customer service, there are no live chat services and you can only reach them through email or phone.

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